Walker Angus; home of the Meadow Oaks Angus herd, has over 100 Registered Angus cows on 400 acres of pasture and raise and sell registered Angus seedstock.

Walker Angus is located in the Missouri Ozarks Between Mansfield and Ava Missouri.

Our neighbor’s say: “we have really nice cows”. They are, but they are also User Friendly and excel in what I call the convenience traits.

Our cows are heavily influenced by Ohlde cattle company genetics along with our own proprietary blend of what works…

We are lazy enough that we prefer that the cow work for us instead of us for them. That is why OCC genetic lines work the best for us.

Our pastures are fescue. Our calves never see creep feed

We strive to produce Seedstock that work for the cattleman. Not the reverse.

We can supply you with breeding stock to meet your own needs for the moderate grass powered cow.

Our cows are run in a no frills manner, they are never fed grain, only grass and hay for part of the winter.  We extend the grazing season as much as possible, by managing our grass and trying to graze year round.

We calve in the fall, starting in September.  Any cow that fails to breed back in the fall is culled. No excuses.

If you are looking for breeding Bulls, these are our standards:

  1. The calf has to be born in the first half of the calf crop.
  2. He has to be from a cow that weans a high percentage of her body weight and breeds back and maintains her flesh.  This is off of fescue pasture,, no creep feeding.
  3. Less than 85 lbs birthweight.  (we actually weigh our calves at birth, unlike many purebred breeders who’s calves always weigh 75 lbs. 
  4. Great disposition. Don’t tolerate poor ones.
  5. I like the cow, because she does her job well!
  6. Passes a Breeding Soundness exam as a yearling with flying colors
  7. We keep a very select group as bulls to sell. The others become steers

Contact us for Breeding stock. We have spent some time making good cattle, come and see for yourself…